Love/Hate Relationship with my Guardian Angel

When having a guardian angel might be dangerous…

Review: Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

(Series Order: Hush Hush, Crescendo, Silence)

I did not know if this book would live up to the hype, so I delayed getting it, already having quite the list of books to read. However, once I gave it a taste, I could not put it down. (The only good thing about not reading it right away is that now I don’t have to wait too long for the newest installment!)

The characters are not only out of this world, they are also believable and you truly fall in love with them and with their story. It is a magical world, yet also very realistic and you can definitely relate to the main character, Nora, who soon sees that she may have the very worst (or best) of both worlds.  You can definitely believe in Nora’s world and you can even see yourself there as Nora is easy to relate to and understand and this world welcomes you in grabs you in with both hands (and wings) and doesn’t let you go.

I love the tension of the characters and not knowing the back story of the mysterious characters in Nora’s life, although maddening, it adds to the mystery and magnetism of the story. Nora doesn’t know who loves her or hates her, who wants to protect her or who to avoid if she doesn’t want to die. This is wonderfully and artfully done, so much so that the tension and contrast of the ever changing mood and relationship between the characters is delicious (ravishingly so!). To put it simply: You will fall in love.

You develop strong feeling for the characters and so you fear even more for them when it seems things could go wrong. You hope against hope that it doesn’t go the one way you feared it would because you felt what Nora felt and cannot believe the worst about anybody, especially the ultimate paradox of a character that is Patch. Enough said. (You have to discover this character for yourself!)

Guardian Angels or Dark Angels? Angels of Death?

It is very interesting to see a whole different side of what is termed an “angel”. Guardian angels are not the half of it and this is what makes it so much more thrilling. I don’t want to give away the major points, but angels have no sense of touch and they don’t feel physical pain, which adds an important element to the story.

Unlike the angels, Nora feels a lot of pain throughout the novel, to put it mildly, both physical and emotional. But she is a fighter all the way! She is dead set on finding out the truth. She does not trust anyone and stands her ground, even when doing so puts her life at risk. So much so that even the guardian angels may not be able to save her.

Archangels, Roller-coasters, and…Guardian Angels that kill?

Does the one she loves the most truly have her best at heart? Or is something else going on? Is it all pretend? And will Nora’s desire to find out the truth do more harm than good?

Throughout the novel, I found myself on a gripping and breathless emotional roller-coaster ride, which is similar to the Archangel Roller-coaster that Nora goes on.

On this ride, she experiences something that makes her doubt everything and fears for her life even more. But even in the midst of the white hot tension, there are feel good parts that make you cling even tighter to the bars of the roller-coaster, hoping that your fears don’t come true.

Although the novel is character driven, the plot also carries it along, punch for punch, even threatening to overtake the characters at some points. Very interesting twists and surprises and you never know who is hiding what or what new twist will be thrown at you in the darkness of the tunnel when you are on the roller-coaster. Then you are dropped suddenly and your stomach lurches and everything is upside down. The maximum feeling of this to the nth degree is what this book makes you feel.

Hush, Hush is reminiscent of the wildest roller-coaster ride of your life. It’s the one called the Archangel. Where even the angels can kill you.

There is no question that you will ache to get the next book right away, Crescendo . Check out my review on that here. Then the third book in this absolutely amazing saga is Silence, stay tuned for reviews on this! Please click on the Amazon affiliate picture link below if you do buy the book-perfect time to get it so that you are ready for the finale!

(Note: The picture of the book above takes you right to Amazon) Thank you for reading! Please comment below about your thoughts on this version of guardian angels and if you would want a guardian angel, knowing there might be… erm, risks.

Boyfriend from Hell: When it all seems too perfect (Or fiery teenage rebellion from the not-so-good girl)

Review: Boyfriend from Hell by E. Van Lowe

This book defies the traditions of the paranormal romance realm and delves into the deep end. With shocking twists at every turn, the main character, Megan feels like she doesn’t know who is who anymore or what is going on, as her life totally changes once her mom starts dating. The man seems perfect, almost too good to be true, (in her mom’s eyes, at least) until she digs up some serious dirt on him. Not your average dirt either. But no one believes her, because it sounds too crazy. Who would believe a teenage girl saying that her mom’s new love interest is from hell?

What she doesn’t know will hurt her

So many changes are going on in Megan’s life that she responds at first in the usual teenage way. She breaks her tradition of being the good girl who is known for following the rules and starts to do what she wants. Rules be damned! Things get more serious when she is in danger and has to break some rules, this time for a reason- she has to protect her mother and cannot tell her what is really going on.

The relationships are what drive the book forward with an ever increasing momentum. Just as she doesn’t know who she truly is at times,  she now doesn’t feel she really knows everyone around her, let alone if she can trust them any longer.

As far as love interests go, as the title does say boyfriend– Megan does have a new love interest. And when her two best friends start dating, this throws a whole new dynamic to her friendships. Along with her mom’s new boyfriend situation, Megan does not know who she can really trust or love, let along if they are really there to protect her or hurt her. This definitely adds layers of tension and mystery to the already fast paced story. The complexity of the relationships alone is a great reason to check out the book to see how her relationships fare and how this affects the story, as well as her very chances of survival.

The ending pulls you so completely in that you need to know what happens next. Just enough is revealed so that it leaves you craving more to see what happens next between the characters that you come to love (or hate/fear, depending on who we are talking about). It’s all about the dynamics and this book nails them down.

Megan has to fight to protect her best friends, loved ones and her mom, who she loves more than anything. But who will fight for her? And what if the ones she fights for turn their backs on her?

For information on the author, visit here.

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Boyfriend From Hell is the first book of the saga, which is great, as it definitely leaves you looking forward to the next one, Earth Angel!