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 Writer’s Thoughts

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1. Choose your own Adventure: Remember those books?

 2. Outliers (below)

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

I have only begun to read this and I am already fascinated and inspired by this book- definitely one to read, keep, and read again- it will inspire and DEMAND change for the better! I will mention ONE thing I am currently turning over in my mind: (or that is turning my mind over!)

Chapter Two: The 10,000 Hour Rule

This chapter talks about the idea that you can be that rock star, that child prodigy (or can you, really?) as long as you put the hours in developing that talent or skill!

“Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.”

It happened for the Beatles, Bill Gates and countless others. I agree with this rule- so many writers, for one example, talk about getting so many rejection letters from their writing, but they kept trying and finally succeed in publication years later! After they put the hours in and became an expert at their skill.

It is easy to give up at whatever talent or skill you have, but the key is to ask yourself how much you want it and for what reasons. Then you will know if you are willing to put the time and effort in! And it’s not just “a few hours here and there” that this is referring to. It could take almost 5 years to reach this “expert status” if you worked at it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, which is not realistic for everyone. More to come on this- let me know if you have read this and what you think. Can you think of other examples of people who have used this 10,000 hour rule- and did it work? Have you used the 10,000 hour rule?


To arrive to the Castle (being built/created):

  • Writer’s bio:
  • What I have written, what I am working on and what I would like to write
  • Writing Polls and surveys
  • Inspiring authors and quotes
  • Writer’s tips: Inside scoops from published authors
  • NanoWrimo Corner (National Novel Writing Month tribute and tidbits)
  • Excerpts from Indie and other authors
  • Request form for what you want to hear about on this page
  • Giveaways for writers (and readers…!)
  • Where in the World are you- location map and What you are writing about “map”
  • Writing across the genres
  • All different forms/types of writing
  • Writer to writer interaction
  • Help and advice from other writers
  • Writing News
  • More to come! Please leave a comment about what you would like to see-which of the “rooms” from the list would you most like to see as well as any additional ideas/comments and also please share about what you are currently writing!


I have been successful probably because I have always realized that I knew nothing about writing and have merely tried to tell an interesting story entertainingly.

~Edgar Rice Burroughs


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3 comments on “Writers Castle

  1. All of these topics sound interesting. I hope your blog will also tell us more about your life in South Korea! I write historical fiction, so far I have had one self-published book which was picked up by a publisher and republished under a new title (after I had done a major POV change). I also blog on history and historical fiction at Semi-true Stories (http://callynpierson.wordpress.com) and have a writer’s website (www.callynpierson.com). I am also on Facebook and Twitter.

    • Hello Cally!

      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting- taking a look at your blog now and I am enjoying it- now following! I am a Jane Austen fan, so I will definitely have to check out your book!

      As someone who loves to write, I would definitely like to know more of what it is like to self-publish and about getting picked up by a publisher and all- congrats on that, by the way!

      I am thinking of trying my hand at historical fiction myself and actually had a couple of ideas I could research while I am here. And you are in luck (if you want to call it that 😉 lol) I do have another blog where I am writing about my life here in Korea. (Although I admit I have been updating this one more, haha.) But I will definitely be posting more about my adventures- check it out below. And let me know if you are ever interested in a review 🙂


  2. Great! I will check out your other blog. I just posted an article that briefly covers my publishing experience (doesn’t say a lot about getting and agent and then selling, but we could talk about that more). The post is titled Why Jane Austen? I recommend that you follow Jennifer Becton (http://bectonliterary.com I think). She is totally self-published and knows a great deal about social media promotion. Her most recent book is up to #54 on the Kindle best selling list!

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