BookwormCastle Rising from the Dead

My blog, long ago having taken a hiatus, after years traveling the world (and returning home and finding new adventures in between, including teaching, working at a national park, volunteering abroad and ghost-writing) I am now resurrecting BookwormCastle from the dead.


Though the blog is being resurrected, my passion for all things books and writing has never died. I have been and still am as passionate about this as when I first started the blog.

In honor of being faithful to my new, (Welcome to BookwormCastle-it is a beautiful place to explore with many rooms) and returning readers-welcome so glad you are back!)  I would like to announce I am starting a new writing challenge.


This time, instead of going around the world due to my love of travel and learning new things, I am going to take on the A Round of Words in 80 Days Challenge! Come join me as I explore worlds through my words of stories!


This will include me setting my own goal of writing, to be updated weekly. It is tailor made for anyone to join and set their own personal writing goal for 80 days.

My goal: working on a personal writing project everyday

Let’s see what gets created and will be shared on here!

A great way to begin anew, resurrect my blog and spark new ideas of writing in the days to come.

Here’s to the A Round of Words in 80 Days Challenge! I hope you will follow me on this journey and/or even join along with me!

Let’s explore!



Finding Favor (or Finding Happiness?)

Finding-Favor - high res

Finding Favor begins with anticipation from the first breath as we get inside the head of Favor, a girl who was been brought up by a rich family ever since her father died. It brilliantly blends the worlds of the classic literature novel you love with the world of the modern in a unique way and was inspired by Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park. (Check out the Bonus Guest Post at the end by the Author- Why I Love Jane Austen!) How about you- what are your favorite classics? Looking forward to hearing from you!

Keep reading for some awesome prizes! My review is below, after the blurb on the book!

Launch Week Prize Basket – Journal with a cover inspired by Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park (as is this novel), note cards with an orchid design (Favor’s favorite flower), a hard cover edition of To Kill a Mockingbird (Ethan’s favorite book), and a cool pen (who doesn’t love cool pens?) (Reviewer-only giveaway at the end!)

About Finding Favor

Which would you choose:  friendship or freedom?

In the eight years since seventeen-year-old Favor Miller’s father died, she’s had to endure her reluctant, self-righteous guardians the Browns. Every day for eight years, they’ve reminded her that she doesn’t fit in, that she’s not one of them. Every day for eight years, she’s eagerly awaited the day when she’ll finally be free to live her life her way.

On the eve of high school graduation, Mr. Brown ambushes Favor with the offer of college funding and a to-die-for summer internship–with the one stipulation that she must discontinue her friendship with his son, Ethan.

Accustomed as she is to sharing everything with her best friend, this is one secret Favor must keep in order to protect Ethan. The distraction of his new girlfriend, her growing friendship with his older brother, and her need to understand her family history, add in further complications.

As Favor debates signing the contract, she must decide if she’s willing to give up her best friend in order to pursue her dreams.  Will she have to stay in the place she’s so desperately wanted to escape in order to make the right decision and get what she really needs?


My Review

Lana finds it nerve wracking as she wonders why her guardian has called her in for an official meeting- especially as she will soon be leaving and going out into the real world, where she will not be under their watchful rules and expectations any longer.

She is given an ultimatum, so to speak- to follow her career dreams (with their help and money and recommendations) or to follow her heart and be with the one she loves.

She has to sign away her love. Sign in blood? She might as well be. As she would be signing her heart away if she does this.

signed vblood

It has that classic feel but is immersed in the modern era. It is quite reminiscent of some of the classic novels with the heroine coming into her own. Our heroine in this novel is not like any other, though. She may have worn the corset, so to speak, at first. And it may have taken her quite a long time to learn how to breathe, but she really jumps off the pages right away and into your heart and mind.

classic girl

I found myself putting off other books so I could get back to this one! (And that is saying something, as I read several books at a time including fast paced action and thrillers!)


But this story has that special essence- something about it stays with you and you want to be immersed in the world of the engaging characters and plot. It has its own unique twist and the characters don’t fall neatly in any patterns or expectations. Favor ends up getting more choices than she bargained for and finds that freedom also comes along with other things, things that could be both good and bad.

classic heroine

I will not say anymore- just this- get the book now and see for yourself! It’s a delicious world to fall into!

Below are a few quotes that will give you a taste of the exciting world of these characters.

“Everything stopped. Nothing existed but him. When he saw me, his whole face lit up.”

“His face lit up, and my little experiment seemed doomed to fail before it even started.”

“The sheer drapes blew gently in the breeze. I walked straight onto the deck not stopping until the railing caught me. I stood on the verge of freedom; it swam with the ocean currents and sailed with the ships. Nothing stopped me from seeing all the possibilities of life. I believed Mr. Rushworth’s words; I made my own possibilities.

ocean waves

Want more? Read below for a sneak preview from the book and here’s how to win the prizes:

Our big launch week prize basket includes:   Journal with a cover inspired by Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park (as is this novel), note cards with an orchid design (Favor’s favorite flower), a hard cover edition of To Kill a Mockingbird (Ethan’s favorite book), and a cool pen (who doesn’t love cool pens?). CLICK HERE NOW TO ENTER!

Finding Favor is priced at just 99 cents as part of its special launch week sale. Pick up your copy on either Amazon US or Amazon UK now, and don’t forget to stop by and participate in the special release week contests.

Read an Excerpt from

Finding Favor by Lana Long

I woke early after not sleeping well. I threw on gray shorts and a black T-shirt, and put my hair in a ponytail. My eyes were only slightly puffy.

Thankfully the kitchen was the only room awake, and not even Brenda bothered me.

When I opened the greenhouse door, I stopped short. It was only seven but there she stood, by my work table—a place she’d never been—waiting for me with a malicious smile on her face, a metal garbage can at her feet.

“Hello, Favor,” Madison said. A chill traveled up my spine.


“So yesterday was rather embarrassing for you.” She picked a piece of lint off her shirt. “I thought that would be enough, but after a restless night I decided it really wasn’t. My dad sent you a birthday card.”

Her eyes flashed and shone like emeralds. “I knew something needed to be done. And you know what that means.”


She silenced me with a finger to her lips. “Now is not the time for groveling, Favor. That time has passed… if it ever existed.” She pulled a book of matches out of her pocket.

My heart sped up. She was going to burn down the greenhouse. I took a step toward the door. I didn’t need her knocking me over the head and leaving me in the burning building. She was sadistic, but I’d never thought of her as violent. With the manic look in her eyes and a matchbook in her hand, I discovered that I’d never before known true fear.

“Madison,” I said in a warning voice. “What are doing?”

“What am I doing? Favor, I know you’re slow, but c’mon. Even you aren’t that slow.”

“Madison, if you burn down the greenhouse your parents are going to be really, really mad. Murder is a capital crime.”

She laughed at me, her head thrown back and her fist clutched to her stomach. “That is hilarious. You think I would risk my future for you.” Her eyes went bright green and even crazier still.

“That’s it, you know?” She took a step toward me and I took a step back. “The attitude that everything is about you. Always about you.”

“Are you crazy?” I screeched. Not the best thing to say but she’d gotten me going. “Nothing is ever about me!”

“Really? Then why did my dad send you a birthday card when he didn’t send one to me?”

All hope of reasoning with her drained out of me. Mr. Brown had forgotten Madison’s birthday earlier in the year. I’d been too distracted by my own problems to make the connection.

“Madison, you have to know the birthday card had nothing to do with wishing me a happy birthday.”

“Oh, I know.” She waved her hand, making my stomach plunge as the matches waved, too. “I know about the contract. I found it in your desk.”

I tightly fisted my hands to stop my urge to throw her to the ground and take the matches.

She stretched her neck and smoothed her hair.

I stepped toward her.

She went perfectly still. “Now, now, Favor. If I were you, I would try not to piss me off anymore this summer, or I’ll tell my dad about your little crush on Ethan.”

Another thing she knew about me. I felt exposed.

“He’ll take away your money for college. And something tells me your precious internship is in this deal, too. But right now I’m feeling charitable, and really, angrier at my father. So, unless you do something to make me less charitable, your secrets are safe with me. But that doesn’t mean that I can let you get away with garnering even a little attention from dear, old Dad.”

I swallowed hard. “What do you plan to do?”

“Oh, I plan to burn these.” She held up the trash can and inside, stacked neatly on top of each other, were my journals.

“Madison…” I took a step towards her.

Uh-uh.” She twisted her body so the trash can was farther away from me. “Like I said, the time for groveling is over.”

“Madison, please.” Tears welled in my eyes. “You don’t understand. Those journals are all I have of my dad. They’re everything that’s important to me.”

“I know that,” she scoffed. “Why do you think I choose this method of retribution? You take away my dad’s attention, and I take away your dad’s attention. It seems fair.” Her tone turned sinister and she sounded crazier.

“How did you find them?”

“Oh, I have my ways. You’re not the only one with secrets.”

“Madison, I will do anything you want.”

She put the trash can down and pinched the bridge of her nose. “Stop saying my name!” She started out in a whisper and was screaming by the end.

I should’ve turned to run and save myself, but I couldn’t. Those journals meant everything to me.

“God.” She sighed in frustration. “Don’t say another word, okay?” She smiled at me. “I have a whole day planned so I’m going to get this over with. This is for the birthday card.”

She pulled a match out of the box.

I stared stunned, shaking my head. She struck the match, and I felt faint.

“But most of all, this is just fun.” She flung the match into the trash can and a flame shot up a few inches from the can. Even Madison jumped back.

Huh,” she said thoughtfully. “Shouldn’t have used so much lighter fluid.”

The flame jumped inside the trash can, but thankfully, stayed contained.

I gave Madison plenty of room as she left, not daring to take my eyes off of her. Once the door slammed shut, I grabbed the nearest water can.


I tore through the greenhouse trying to find water. Finding a half-full can, I doused what was left of the fire, a plume of smoke rising and encircling my face. I coughed, waving at the quickly dissipating smoke.


Finding Favor is priced at just 99 cents as part of its special launch week sale. Pick up your copy on either Amazon US or Amazon UK now, and don’t forget to stop by and participate in the special release week contests.

Our big launch week prize basket includes:   Journal with a cover inspired by Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park (as is this novel), note cards with an orchid design (Favor’s favorite flower), a hard cover edition of To Kill a Mockingbird (Ethan’s favorite book), and a cool pen (who doesn’t love cool pens?). CLICK HERE NOW TO ENTER!


Why I Love Jane Austen

A Guest Post by Lana Long

I can sum it up in one word: escapism.  Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy reading books that deal with hard-hitting issues—issues that are real and difficult—but for the most part watching one nightly newscast can provide enough reality to last a few weeks. When it’s late at night, the kids are sleeping, the dog is sleeping, the husband is sleeping, everything is real quiet and the day’s activities are slipping into memory, I want to spend my last waking minutes in a world that’s interesting, satisfying, and nice.

That is why I love Jane Austen.

The social propriety of Austen’s works fascinates me. All of Austen’s novels struggle with the hierarchy of society.  In Pride and Prejudice, Darcy fights his feelings for Elizabeth because she’s not quite up to his social standing. In Persuasion, Anne pines for her lost love because she allowed her family to convince her that Wentworth isn’t good enough. In Sense and Sensibility, Willoughby leaves Marianne when the risk of lost fortune becomes all too real. Willoughby is not a hero, and in the end Marianne comes to see that love doesn’t need to burn bright and hot to be real. Society tries to deflate these characters, tries to ruin their chances at happiness, but they fight through it and come out stronger, better off, and at peace. All except Willoughby, but that lout deserves what he gets.

That is why I love Jane Austen.

The physical world of Austen’s novels is like a mythical place to me after growing up in the 20th century western United States. In Austen’s world, people live in houses the size of apartment buildings. They travel by coach, horseback, or they walk. If they’re wealthy enough, they summer in the country, winter in London, and vacation or convalesce in Bath. Servants take care of the family (don’t insinuate to Mrs. Bennett that she can’t afford a cook), drive them from place to place, work the land, and take care of the estate. Quaint villages and abbeys sustain small communities. Without wealth, people become isolated in their communities due to the time and cost to travel from one place to another. The characters in Austen’s novels—affluent or not—find ways to traverse this world and allow the reader to glimpse the countryside, the city and everything in between at the dawn of the nineteenth century in England.

That is why I love Jane Austen.

In Austen’s novels, the family structure and the roles of men and women are so foreign but at the same time so simple. What would it be like to spend all day sewing, playing the piano, reading, drawing, or walking in the garden? At the same time the women find themselves helpless because they aren’t allowed to learn anything besides these activities. In Sense and Sensibility, Elinor is powerless to find a way to care for her sisters and mother after her half-brother inherits her father’s estate and doesn’t care for his sisters as promised. Emma‘s friends, the Bates, live off kindness and a small living, because Miss Bates never married and her father is deceased. It’s not necessarily easier for the men. If you’re not the oldest son your choices are limited to clergy, military or another profession deemed acceptable by the gentry.  Still, these people fight against the rules of gender and birth order. They are funny, kind, caring… frustrating and irritating, but they are always likeable and I cheer their success and mourn their losses, even Emma. And most of all, there’s a happy ending; our heroines and their friends find love and peace, and their foes find discomfort and an unfulfilling future.

That is why I love Jane Austen.

So why did I choose Mansfield Park for an adaptation out of all the Austen works? First, it’s a great story. The story is of Fanny Price, a young girl, coming of age away from her immediate family, who is too poor to rear all of their offspring. Fanny is required to uphold expectations set upon her by her caregivers, her wealthy aunt and uncle, but she is never to be rewarded for living up to those expectations because her true parentage is lowly. She’s in love with a boy, her best friend, who’s falling in love with someone else and by all of society’s rules unattainable even if he was available. The story felt ripe for a modern Young Adult novel.

That is why I love Jane Austen.

Second, well, I hadn’t seen Mansfield Park retold. It would take your hands, my hands and twenty of our closest friends to count the number of times Pride and Prejudice has been adapted. I’m not complaining; I love it. Other Austen works need the opportunity to be discovered through modern retellings as well. As a teenager I read Emma because of the movie Clueless.  Jane Austen’s been gone for almost 200 years and we still read her novels and draw inspiration from them because they are truly great stories.

And that is why I love Jane Austen.


Finding Favor is priced at just 99 cents as part of its special launch week sale. Pick up your copy on either Amazon US or Amazon UK now, and don’t forget to stop by and participate in the special release week contests.

Our big launch week prize basket includes:   Journal with a cover inspired by Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park (as is this novel), note cards with an orchid design (Favor’s favorite flower), a hard cover edition of To Kill a Mockingbird (Ethan’s favorite book), and a cool pen (who doesn’t love cool pens?). CLICK HERE NOW TO ENTER!


About Lana Long

As a devoted fan of young adult novels herself, Lana Long is thrilled to be gracing the YA world with her first novel, Finding Favor. Many years of daydreaming and several writing classes and workshops have contributed to the development of Finding Favor as well as to her inevitable future books. Through her experiences at Lighthouse Writers in Denver, the Big Sur Writing Workshop in California, and the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Conference, she has learned an amazing amount about writing novels.

Although writing serves as a relaxing process, Lana is also grounded by her family, by her work as a church treasurer, and by volunteering at her kids’ elementary school.

She hopes that her books provide readers with the same entertainment she herself finds in YA novels. If you enjoy a good coming-of-age story featuring enthralling characters, check out Finding Favor and read more of Lana’s thoughts at

Click here to enter the Reviewer-only Rafflecopter giveaway to win cool prizes!

Please comment below on your favorite classics! What makes you fall in love with the story and the characters?

Gaia Wars: Your world is in danger, how hard do you fight?

Heart-Pounding Pace 

Even if this book does not seem to fit your usual choice of genre, you will not be disappointed if you pick it up. Quite the opposite, in fact. From the beginning, you are hooked into this engrossing world. It starts with a suspenseful, heart pounding pace that doesn’t let up. It will have your breath quickening right along with that of the main character.

It starts out seeming like the everyday (although exciting) life of a young boy, Warren,  who loves adventure. He is playing a seemingly harmless prank on his hated neighbors. It might turn out not to be so harmless after all, as Warren quickly discovers. He is whisked away on an enthralling and risky adventure. It all starts with a skeleton he finds on a trail. Suddenly he is thrown into a new type of world where mind-boggling things happen that he has no answers for.

Everyday life is now a thing of the past. He sees things that no one would believe could be real. People seem to be interested in him or concerned for him that were not before. He isn’t sure who to trust. Even those closest to him don’t seem to be as trustworthy as they once were.

Reader is pulled into this strange, new world

When he had first found the skeleton in the woods, he had also discovered a medallion which he soon learns can do more than you would think. It is the start of a lesson in strangeness. However, everything builds up and it is presented in a natural way, through an exciting flow of events. The reader is pulled in and truly believes in this world, however crazy sounding it may be. We experience all of the shock and newness of everything with Warren.

Interesting questions are raised as well between the non stop action of this fast paced adventure. Are people evil? How do people react to certain situations? The story leads you to delve into the exploration of evil and what is required for someone to become totally evil or not.

It is funny how you may believe a certain thing about a person, only to have all of your suspicions turned completely around. Even the main character has to wrestle with the question of evil within and what this means.

How far off the edge?

The story ends leaving you wondering what will happen next and also gives you a taste of what is to come in the next book of the series, Battle for Cascadia.

Overall, this is a very gripping story that truly pulls you in and you will not be able to stop reading. The chapters are short and deadly fast paced, full of action. It doesn’t leave you hanging right on the edge of the cliff about to fall off, but it does leave you hanging on pretty close to the edge so that you can hear the next word when the action continues. Definitely recommended for your next read, as I was pulled right in and could not stop reading!

Click below to go to the Amazon page for the paperback, also available on Kindle. I am looking forward to what comes next, so be sure to stay tuned for the next review! Please sign up for email updates at the top right of the page to hear the latest.

Toonopolis: What would the cartoon version of yourself be like?

Review of Toonopolis by Jeremy Rodden


It has the fantastical quirkiness of Alice in Wonderland, the uniqueness of Willy Wonka, the magic of Never Never Land, along with a sprinkle of the darkness/gothic wonder from Tim Burton and the other-worldness of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, and then some. But at the same time it is an unparalled universe (or parallel universe) Tooniverse that is all its own.

You want to know what is going on with this character as he wakes up and finds himself in this new alternate reality, feeling quite disoriented and a bit like he fell down the strangest rabbit hole known to man (or cartoon, for this matter).  The main character, who christens himself Gemini, (having to pull a name from the air, the Mad Hatter’s hat,  his scattered and lost memories) really pulls you in as you discover this new world he is thrown into. It is a fantasy type world where everyday is Saturday morning, the popular time for nonstop cartoons. He becomes a cartoon version of himself, so to speak, although he is actually dubbed an Outsider. Lucky for him, this means he has even more power than the toons around him do.

You won’t find Bugs Bunny here or The Famous Mouse (as Gemini sadly discovers), but you will find many loveable characters as you embark with Gemini on this adventure. He at first views it as a fun experiment type virtual world (which is partly true) but then he starts to see the bigger picture. He realizes that they are real, just like him and they do feel courage, fear, pain, love, loss and other emotions.

Science fiction and fantasy fans are not the only ones who will love the world of Toonopolis, as it will pull in anyone who loves an adventure (read:epic) and it works really well to remind you of that childhood joy you found in a really good story. Toonopolis has it all: Great references to some of your favorite cartoons, childhood stories and movies that you loved as well as amusing jokes about the current trends in books and what people like to read about (Bloodthirsty vamps? Anime? Superheroes and annoying sidekicks? It’s all here!)

 *Insert Sidenote: There is even some (hidden) love for fans of a certain video game (which is my all time favorite one now that you mention it) that involves a talking frog, time travel, a silent type as the leading character and a tomboy princess, as well as a couple magical worlds of its own- are you a fan? Please comment by following the link in the parentheses, glad you found me!) END SIDENOTE  (For New Game+ option click here – for real!) *

 Back to the world of Toonoplis, you will find yourself smiling and laughing along with the characters. In the cartoon world, there is a fun mix of tongue in cheek humor, puns, parodies,  and plays on words.

The back story is also very enthralling to follow, as you get an inside look at this “experiment”- i.e, how  and why Gemini  was thrown into this world and what he does/doesn’t remember. This could be very dangerous for him and adds a serious undertone to his adventures that shows there is more at stake than meets the eye and makes the read even more into one of those books that you just can’t put down.

This is a great place to visit and you will find yourself wanting to return to this world to hear more about the character’s adventures and this very unique creation that is the Tooniverse! Luckily for you too, as there will be more to come in the Toonopolis Files. Stay tuned for updates (sign up for email updates at the top right) and for a fun interview with the creator of the Tooniverse! Click below to read the first chapter or buy the book on Amazon.

Grave Robbers,Trains & Ghosts: No falling off until the very end!

Review: Grave Robbers by Samantha Jillian Bayarr

Grave Robbers is a fast paced read that has characters jumping off trains, being thrown into graves and possible visions of people that have died, so the action is non-stop and makes for an exciting read that you will not want to leave behind until you finish. It also has deeper stuff with more marrow: characters make mistakes, shows weaknesses, but also have hopes of transforming. If you love a thrilling pace along with in depth characters who will do anything to go after their goals, this book is for you.

The main character pulls you in from the beginning and makes you want to read more. The story itself is a riveting and tense train ride that grabs you along with fears of falling off and crashing throughout the story- you need to know what happens next even though each lurch of the train makes your heart rate go up and sends your emotions scattering. You hold your breath for the characters as you come to care about them, no matter what they do or have done.

Charlie, a young girl does not come across as your average heroine right away. But she is a character that you will want to keep reading about; she is very much alive (unlike all of those around her) and jumps off the page. Her father is a grave robber. His official job title is grave digger, but he robs them of any valuables before he puts them into the ground. He does this in order to provide for Charlie, as her mother ran off right after she was born.

Charlie is full of spunk and not afraid to rob jewels from a dead lady.  Well, okay, maybe she is a little afraid. But she doesn’t let this or anything stop her. Charlie is a girl who is determined to carve out a path for herself and she lets nothing get in the way of her goals. More than anything, she wants to find her mother. Charlie had no idea of her whereabouts until now. She finds out where her mother may be and even though there is a chance she won’t find her, she comes up with a plan to try.

She convinces herself that she needs the lady’s jewels more than the dead lady does, as she will be six feet under and takes them herself, before her dad can touch them. Her moral dilemma is described very realistically and you understand where she is coming from and her reasoning for her actions, as well as her doubts and fears. She thinks she sees things that may not be there and might be a result of her fear and guilt (or are they?).  All this and she still doesn’t know if she will meet her goal. But she clings to the belief that this is the most important goal and she will not look back, even if her life is on the line.  And her life is indeed on a very thin line while she tries to go through with her plan. This plan is not as safe as she thought, as there are even more dangers lurking around from where she may not have expected. This is one train ride that you need to stay on until the very end.

Charlie is one of those characters that you would not mind jumping off a train with to hear more about, if you can survive the crash landing.

Click on the picture below to get the book on Amazon.

My Life in Books 2011

 Last year Elyse at PCN (Pop Culture Nerd) hosted a great meme, sort of a Mad Libs with book titles. I had such a great time with last year’s post, so when I saw her post, I decided it was perfect timing! You simply fill in the blanks with book titles.

Thank you to The Picky Girl’s blog where I heard about this!

One time at band/summer camp, all I can say is it involved The Angel Experiment (James Patterson) and a Kiss (Ted Dekker & Erin Healy)

Weekends at my house are over in the Blink of an Eye (Dekker)

My neighbor is Teaching in the Land of Kimchi (Melissa Christine Karpinski)

As am I! And yes, I do like kimchi!

My boss is full of… Wisdom (Amanda Hocking)

This is not sarcasm. Really. Okay, this may have been true of one of my bosses, but I love my boss now!

My ex was the Boyfriend from Hell (E. Van Lowe)

This is actually true. This one is not a joke or sarcastic comment. Now if only I can find my Earth Angel (E. Van Lowe’s sequel to above title)

My superhero secret identity is made of Wizard and Glass (Stephen King)

And is the best getup ever. Very sturdy and still haven’t figured out all the tricks it can do yet.

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry because Bloody Little Secrets… (Karly Kirkpatrick)

…will be all that’s left of you…mwaHaha!

I’d win a gold medal in Keeping the Moon (Sarah Dessen)

Or should I say the sun too? Sleep is for the weak.

I’d pay good money for The Truth about Forever (Dessen again)

Wouldn’t we all? I do know the truth, actually. Just ask me. It has to do with Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott.

If I were president, I would Never Let You Go (Erin Healey)

(referring to holding the office…and my dear citizens of course) 28 year term? Monarchy? What?

When I don’t have good books, I ask where the Needful Things are (King)

I need them to live.

Loud talkers at the movies should be Hush, Hush (ed) (Becca Fitzpatrick)

(and this will be done with a Showdown (Dekker) on The Road (Cormac McCarthy) and then you will be Gone (Michael Grant) Sorry if that scares you, I love you, dear reader, too much Stephen King on the brain? No, I take full credit.  *sweet smile*)

Would love to hear your version of the tale! Post your answers in the comments- or please comment with your link if you post on your blog!

For more fun, check out my 2012 post here!

Boyfriend from Hell: When it all seems too perfect (Or fiery teenage rebellion from the not-so-good girl)

Review: Boyfriend from Hell by E. Van Lowe

This book defies the traditions of the paranormal romance realm and delves into the deep end. With shocking twists at every turn, the main character, Megan feels like she doesn’t know who is who anymore or what is going on, as her life totally changes once her mom starts dating. The man seems perfect, almost too good to be true, (in her mom’s eyes, at least) until she digs up some serious dirt on him. Not your average dirt either. But no one believes her, because it sounds too crazy. Who would believe a teenage girl saying that her mom’s new love interest is from hell?

What she doesn’t know will hurt her

So many changes are going on in Megan’s life that she responds at first in the usual teenage way. She breaks her tradition of being the good girl who is known for following the rules and starts to do what she wants. Rules be damned! Things get more serious when she is in danger and has to break some rules, this time for a reason- she has to protect her mother and cannot tell her what is really going on.

The relationships are what drive the book forward with an ever increasing momentum. Just as she doesn’t know who she truly is at times,  she now doesn’t feel she really knows everyone around her, let alone if she can trust them any longer.

As far as love interests go, as the title does say boyfriend– Megan does have a new love interest. And when her two best friends start dating, this throws a whole new dynamic to her friendships. Along with her mom’s new boyfriend situation, Megan does not know who she can really trust or love, let along if they are really there to protect her or hurt her. This definitely adds layers of tension and mystery to the already fast paced story. The complexity of the relationships alone is a great reason to check out the book to see how her relationships fare and how this affects the story, as well as her very chances of survival.

The ending pulls you so completely in that you need to know what happens next. Just enough is revealed so that it leaves you craving more to see what happens next between the characters that you come to love (or hate/fear, depending on who we are talking about). It’s all about the dynamics and this book nails them down.

Megan has to fight to protect her best friends, loved ones and her mom, who she loves more than anything. But who will fight for her? And what if the ones she fights for turn their backs on her?

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Boyfriend From Hell is the first book of the saga, which is great, as it definitely leaves you looking forward to the next one, Earth Angel!