Your last rest stop- will you survive Mile 81?

Mile 81 Mash-Up

Talk  Mile 81 and all things Stephen King here! Read my Mile 81 Review here.  And be sure to join the Mile 81/Stephen King talk on this page.

I got into King around age 11 or 12. Always loved to read and was quickly pulled into the world of King. My first King book I read was Carrie, quickly followed by Firestarter, I believe (the order is now muddled in my mind…) and loved both of them.

 But the one that really grabbed me and made me fall in love was The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon.

 The main character was a normal girl like me (who lived by the woods, no less) who got thrown into the scariest situation that I didn’t know if she could get out of. I was hooked.

 The character, Rachel, in Mile 81, reminds me of this Girl. She seems to be made of the same stuff that the Girl was. That stuff that fights in order to survive and is forced to let go of her little girl status in a heartbeat. And Mile 81 will also leave you wondering if anyone will get out of this alive.

Read Stephen King’s latest ebook, Mile 81, with me and discuss your reactions (no spoilers) as you read!

Interact with other readers and join the discussion on everything Stephen King!

Will the characters survive? Will you?

Post your comments and thoughts below about what is going on. Mix & Match answers and/or add your own!

Make up your own taglines for this novel.

What characters do you love or hate so far? Why?

Who has a chance to survive?

Your chances of survival vs. the characters: What would you do? Is there any chance to survive in this novel?

What are your favorite King novels?

What ones have you read recently?

Who is the scariest character?

What novel was your first King read and was that the one that made you fall in love?

Have a favorite soundtrack for one of his novels or for this one?

*Question from Mile 81 Review*: Is being numb from horror possible? Explain

Add your own questions and talk about it all here!

My Stephen King Related Goodness:

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Get Stephen King’s new e-book below (click on pic to go to Amazon) and join in the fun now!

Would love to hear your opinion and take on this and Mile 81- please comment below!

If you are/will be reading Mile 81 and are on twitter, would love to hear your live reactions to the book! Talk to me about Mile 81 or all things Stephen King @Bookwormcastle

 How does Mile 81 compare to other King novels? Would love to hear your opinions on Mile 81 as well as any information/suggestions on future Stephen King things!

9 comments on “StephenKing

  1. Keely says:

    Ahh, I like your taste.. Gotta Love Stephen King!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Reading the story right now

  4. timetohateme says:

    Have you read UR? I just got it on my kindle, and I want to know if its a good book to read?- an regular Stephen King fan.

  5. Jeremy Bates says:

    awesome! i love SK
    will be checking this out!

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