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Caution- Proceed at your own risk- Spoilers may be ahead, but I kept it as vague as possible to not give away anything major!

This book definitely tones up the dial on the fear factor, so it is true to its name!

It is one of those books that I suspect, shows your worst fears realized. Which for this series, can be pretty daunting and downright horrifying!

The kids suspect that someone who cannot die (apparently) is on the way back and is looking for them.

The Healer, Lana, gets some inkling of the Darkness’s thoughts and knows that he is after Diana for her new connections to the dark side. How does Lana know this? She almost “hears” another characters’ voice- can the darkness sense Diana’s voice or fears because of her connection? Does this mean that the beloved Diana will go over to the Dark Side? (Pun most likely intended…?)

lana quote

Will Diana’s guilt and fear lead to her downfall? She feels horrible about what she has done and greatly struggles with giving into her dark side or fighting it. Can it be stopped or does she feel it’s too late?


Penny= the queen of all fears=your worst nightmare! What’s even scarier is there is not a simple way to fight her- she can give  visions of your worst nightmare to a group of kids at once, so she can fight many people at a time.

evil girl worst nightmare2It feels so real, that it is hard to fight what you feel is happening to you, even though your head might say it is not real. She really knows how to get in your head, as she uses even what you enjoy against you, to the point of you not knowing what is really happening and doing damage to others or to yourself in the process.

worst nightmare

But this shows that even though people may fear you, they do not respect you or love you or like you in the slightest- which is a lesson that several characters might have to learn, as they let the thirst for more power and risk and danger overtake them…

Penny is not very smart though either, as she has lost her mind. She doesn’t think things through. Her hate rules everything. She wants to be in charge and uses the fear of others to get on top, so she can get back at them and express her hatred of being rejected all those times. calm hater

So this also is stemmed in fear on her end (of others, what they think of her, not being part of the group, being alone, we all have fears…) she wanted everyone to like her and wants to get back at Caine for rejecting her. She wants to get back at Lana now as well after their showdown. But if she kills the only one who can heal people, she might be signing her own death warrant in the process in this desert wasteland with no other way of getting help if everyone is your enemy (no one else to go to in the FAYZ, is there?).


Talking about death warrants, one of them was not signed for a major character in the FAYZ after all. The consequences of this could be fatal for many of the survivors left in the FAYZ and could have some pretty far reaching consequences.

The deliciousness of the fear in this book is that anything can happen and you are shivering in anticipation (and horror) just thinking about all the things that could wrong with the new ways of life here under the barrier. Past decisions come back to haunt some of the characters and the newfound power in the FAYZ just hints of all the darkness that is coming and ever growing as life continues for the kids as they try to do what they can to survive.

The fear is not only growing on the inside of the FAYZ either.

I like how the outside world is being explored more in this book of the series. Before we only saw glimpses, now we are getting a story line that is being shown alongside of all the craziness of the FAYZ.  And if what is inside is somewhat “contained,” then just imagine what the outside is like in response to the creation of the barrier. This also leads to more tension and dials up the fear as well because of the choices of those on the outside and how it will affect the kids-  will those on the outside do whatever they can to help?  Or will they risk the lives of the  children stuck inside?


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What scared you the most as you read? What power would you want to have in the FAYZ? Who would your allies and enemies be?

LIES: Will this be what causes more death in the FAYZ?

Lies by Michael Grant:

Review of Book Three of the Gone series

As the world becomes ever darker in the FAYZ, it becomes easier for everyone to believe someone who offers them an easy way “out.” It becomes increasingly against the odds to stay alive here, as we start to watch the breakdown of several key characters. Orsay, along with a new friend of hers, sees visions and gives the kids very realistic promises of what she sees and she knows things about them and their past that no one else would know. This casts doubt on whether or not what she says is real. She tells them that their parents are waiting for them when they turn 15. This is the time when they “blink out” and two possible things could happen: disappear into probable death or survive if they resist the temptation to take this way out, but then they remain in the deadly FAYZ.

(Book One review click here.  Book Two: Hunger)

At the same time this is going on, the “Human Crew” lead by Zil, who are all against the freaks, is now more dangerous than ever. They plan to kill the freaks and even normals who get in the way. Anyone, in fact, who does not agree to “follow” him. This is part of his ever increasing quest for power in the FAYZ and it has to do with a lot of death. He starts to lust for blood and violence and seems to be able to get away with it by covering his tracks.

While all this is going on, Sam is under ever increasing pressure as the others tell him he needs to step down, but also expect him to fight all of the battles. On their terms of course.  He is not allowed to deal with threats directly; rather the new council must meet and decide a course of action. This could prove to be deadly, as threats are allowed to roam free, unstopped.

Newcomers and New Dangers in the FAYZ

A new group of kids also adds more sparks to the mix, with what could result in a “fire” if the two groups of kids meet. Another “new visitor” also comes to the FAYZ and this could mean death for everyone. In this world where nothing strange seems to phase anyone at all anymore, this could definitely be the factor that does cause shock, as well as the end for many.

Diana starts to show some sense of right and wrong and even seems to care for other people as well, which could be the start of Caine listening to her concerns. Or not. As we know Caine, he does not listen to anyone. But Diana has a solution for this as well. For people who want more of Caine and Diana, they will find them in this book.

Sam and Astrid also start to drift apart because of the tension with her being on the council which dictates what Sam can and cannot do. They also have other issues and they may also be running into a roadblock of sorts just like the other “couple” of the book.

Last but not least, Little Pete also causes more of a stir that will definitely create friction and could be the cause of future danger for him, as people may start to suspect something more about this “harmless” little boy.

This book is definitely a must read, as the third book of the riveting Gone series. When everyone lies to each other, the truth becomes ever hazier and this can put everyone in even more danger. Lies will continue to shock and tug your emotions in every direction as you hope for the characters to survive and you see them on the brink of death and you see many on the edge, about to fall off with no more hope of surviving life in the FAYZ. (To purchase/read a sample on Amazon, click on the picture below.)

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Lies is the third book in what will be a six book series. Plague is the next book, which you will definitely want to have at hand after this one! Look for my review on that. I will be also be reviewing the next two books, Fear and Light soon as well. Please sign up for updates at the top right so you can get the latest! I would love to hear your opinions on this series or if you are planning on reading. Always love to hear from you!

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