What happens when Shadows from the Past return to haunt you?

Review: Shadows from the Past by Ashley Dawn

Shadows from the Past opens up with a bang, literally. This is one story that really hooks you in and keeps hold of you. It is one that I did not want to put down and found myself wondering what would happen next.

 Bullets and shadows and a faceless murderer. It’s the stuff of nightmares. This is the problem that the main character, Aurora, an undercover cop, must face. She has had nightmares every night that she has been on her undercover stakeout, trying to put a name to the shadows. It tortures her that she is helpless to solve the crime and find out who the murderer is.

And what happens when there are characters that you fall in love with and you root for that unlikely couple? You know, that one where it seems they will never get together, even though they are so right for each other? But this is not just a love story, it’s a try-to-say-it-while-the-bullets-fly-around-you type of story, the one where you hope against hope that it’s not too late to tell people how you feel about them.

This is Christian suspense that holds your interest and doesn’t go over the top with the message. You really get to know the characters and feel their struggles. It is a great story about God coming through even when everything seems to be impossible.

It shows how it is important to trust God even when that is the last thing that seems to make sense. Because God truly does have the best for His children. And He sees them through loving eyes. One may look at themselves completely differently and focus on their faults. But the characters and events in this story really help you to explore what is going on with your own life and helps you to see that God really is there and He really can and does work everything out. Against all odds.

Bullets. Love. Inspiration. It’s all there.