Random Rooms of the Castle

To be posted: Random writings, tidbits, facts, and other random pieces- What are some random things that you love and what do you love about randomness? In writing?

Original Story: “The Truth about the Bald Frog with the Wig”

Or: “Annoying Princessess who wear Kid Gloves”: check it out below!

This is one of my favorite stories. Where else can you hear it? That’s right, only here is where you will get it straight up, on the rocks.

You see, it started with an annoying princess who always swatted at her adoring subjects as if they were flies. No one wanted to marry her because she was too stingy and stubborn. Edit- no one that she wanted, would want to marry her. She wanted only the best, i.e. the richest. But the best (i.e. the richest, as she thought) were not about to put up with her.

So one fine day, after finally being convinced that kissing a slimy frog would get her the richest prince in all of Kingdomland, she prepared herself to kiss him, putting on white kid gloves and special frog germ repellent lip gloss. She scrunched her eyes tightly shut, braced herself, and went for the kiss, not even bothering to wonder about the wig that this slimy frog was wearing. She thought it was to show off his father’s plentiful and ancient estate, that they had been in for years, so that’s why there was no one richer than them. She smiled at the thought of all she would now own as she opened her eyes.

The smile disappeared when she opened them and was replaced with a scream. A scream of horror.


She almost fainted. It was a peasant from the village. He had the wig to hide his tiny bald spot, even though he was not that old. She did not faint, because she fell into the water, which immediately snapped her out of fainting.

But she could not swim. If it wasn’t for this peasant, who knew all about the dangers of the frog water, she would have drowned. She would have never gotten to learn about what this peasant was really like. She would have never gotten to learn that he actually was not a peasant and that he wanted to test her, because he loved her and wanted to show her money was not everything. She would have never gotten to learn about true love. But good thing he was not the richest prince in all of Prissy Kingdomland. Because he worked hard and got his hands dirty and knew how to swim and knew where all the rocks were and where all the slimy bullfrogs and clumps of seaweed were that tried to pull her under. He knew all this. And so he saved her out of that slimy-bullfrog-seaweed infested water. And started to show her what true love really was.


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