“You heard it here first”: Interview Part 2 with E. Van Lowe, Author of Boyfriend from Hell

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Part 2 of the Interview: The latest announcement on E. Van Lowe’s books- read below!

To read Part 1 of the interview, click here. Read my review on Boyfriend from Hell.

E, Thank you for joining me again. I am excited to share with everyone the news that you have! Also: where you get your inspiration from and some bonus writing tips! As well as some discussion for Stephen King fans!

8.  At the end of the last interview, we talked about different forms of writing (plays, TV scripts, novels) More switch-ups: You have mentioned before that you like to read many different genres and types of books. I also noticed that you write in different genres as well, such as the horror alter ego you write in- Sal Conte. Do you have to switch gears between these two genres that you write? And how does this affect your writing?

Yes, I do need to switch gears between Sal and E. Sal writes graphic horror, which is a big departure from paranormal romance. It’s only recently that I am writing as both Sal and E. I haven’t written a Sal Conte book in a long time, so it took a while for it to feel right. I threw out the first two drafts of The Toothache Man. That’s something I never do. One thing that helped when I wrote it was to write it in first person. YA is a first person genre, so that gave me some comfort. But it took a few days to find the right balance of sarcasm and gross out horror. LOL. Wow! That sounded ridiculous. Anyway, I think my horror fans will enjoy the story. I plan to bring it out as an e-book around Halloween along with my old Dorchester titles from the 80s, Childs Play and The Power. If you or any of your fans would like to know when they’re coming, please go to my website and sign up for my newsletter. http://evanlowe.com/. As for your second question, once I get my footing the writing isn’t affected at all.

9. Talking about different characters again (and the love/hate relationship we might have with them) If you had to kill off a character that you loved, what would you do? Would this be very challenging for you?

When I was a young man, I read The Lord of The Rings. When Gandalf  died I got this hollow feeling inside. I thought Frodo can never make it now. Of course, we all know what happened with Gandalf and Frodo, but I always look back on that feeling. When a favorite character unexpectedly dies, it tells the reader this is serious. It leaves you not knowing what to expect… which is why I look for opportunities to kill off beloved characters. In the sequel to Boyfriend From Hell, I kill off a beloved character. I  can’t tell you who or how I did it, and I definitely had second thoughts about it. I still wonder about my decision. So, yes, it was challenging. You will have to read both books to find out who.

Sounds scary. And it sure did have an emotional impact when Gandalf died. I am scared to think of who may be the one to die in your next novel.

10. Do you have a writer that you look up or that inspires you? Who was one of your favorite childhood authors or what books do you remember reading when you were younger?

The list of writers I look up to is too long to list. In general: JD Salinger. Horror: Stephen King, and YA: Meg Cabot. These are people I definitely try to emulate in my writing. I read a lot of boy stuff when I was a kid, Ian Fleming, who wrote the James Bond series and Sax Rohmer who wrote the Dr. Fu Manchu series. What can I say, I was really into the macho boy adventure stuff back then.

11. Related to this, imagine you were stuck in a novel of a writer we both love… (Drum roll, please): Stephen King! Would there be any escape or would you need Sal Conte to help you with this? Any idea what novel it would be and what characters you might come across? (Or what characters you definitely DO NOT want to come across?)

I’m smiling as I answer this one. Definitely no escape for E. I’m a lover not a fighter. I’d definitely need a hard-ass like Sal to help me out. I’d probably encounter The Walkin’ Dude from The Stand or Pennywise from It. And even with Sal along I’d still probably lose. LOL.

That does send some shivers down my spine thinking of The Walkin’ Dude. He has appeared in quite a lot of Stephen King’s novels and I would not want to run into him either!

12. What is some advice that you would like to give to aspiring writers? Anything that writers must do to be successful?

Do not give up on your dream. There will be lots of people coming at you with good and valid reasons to give up. Don’t listen to them—even if they’re your parents. My father thought writing was a lousy profession. I know he was doing what he thought was best. Now that I’ve made a very good living at it, he’s changed his mind. But regardless of money, everyone should follow their dreams. You do not want to wake up one day wishing you had. Give your writing career a fair and honest shot.

13. I know you have been working on editing your next novel. How is that going and what can you tell us about the editing process?

What can I say? I hate the process. It is necessary and it definitely improves the book, but I hate it. It is hard going through a book two, three, four, five times after you’ve written it and turned it in. I don’t know a writer who enjoys it. You hate the book by the time it’s done. I am happy to say I turned in what I hope is the last edit for Earth Angel, the second book in the Falling Angels Saga, and sequel to Boyfriend From Hell. The book was scheduled to come out in March, but due to the response of Boyfriend From Hell, my publisher pushed it up to December. You heard it here first.

Very exciting stuff! Thank you for sharing that 🙂 I can’t wait to read it!

14. Bonus Question for the writers out there: Give us a writing prompt to get those creative minds flowing!

Write emotion. It’s all we really care about. Allow emotions to lead and plot to follow. Think of all the movies you love and books you love, and think about what you love about them. It’s rarely the plot. We love Bella and Edward—emotion. I know Harry Potter is filled with all sorts of wonderful images, but it’s Harry’s emotional state, his emotional conundrums, that hook us in. Check out how these amazing authors keep emotions alive, then go back and look at your manuscripts. Want to be an awesome writer? Write emotion.

That is some great advice! It is very important to have that emotional connection with the characters.

That looks like all the questions I have for now! Who would have thought? LOL 😉 Whew! You made it! Thank you so much for your time! Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

Yes. I’d like to add there’s precious little time to take advantage of the Boyfriend From Hell pre-pub sale. Boyfriend From Hell Kindle or Nook is now available for just $2.99. On September 1st (the publication date) the book will go up to its regular price.

(To purchase the Boyfriend from Hell e-book on sale, click on the picture below- that will take you right to Amazon.)

E’s Blog

Thank you again for the interview, it was really great to learn more about you. I am looking forward to reading Earth Angel and I will definitely review that as soon as it comes out! Everyone, thank you for joining us and please stay tuned (please follow or sign up for email updates on the right side of the page)  for more info and news on E’s books! Happy Reading!

Interview with E. Van Lowe: Author of Boyfriend from Hell

Interview: Part 1

E. Van Lowe is the author of Never Slow Dance with a Zombie and Boyfriend From Hell, which this interview will be focusing on. 

From my review: Boyfriend from Hell defies the traditions of the paranormal romance realm and delves into the deep end. With shocking twists at every turn, the main character, Megan feels like she doesn’t know who is who anymore or what is going on, as her life totally changes once her mom starts dating. Megan digs up some rather serious dirt on her mom’s boyfriend, but no one believes her. After all, who would believe a teenage girl saying that her mom’s new love interest is from hell? Click here to read my review of this unique and thrilling paranormal romance/comedy or look for it on the right hand side of the page.  Be sure to check back for Part 2- sign up for updates to the right!


Thank you so much for joining me! Excited to talk with you today!

 1. What made you decide to make the main character, Megan, struggle so much in her relationships with her two best friends?

 One thing I experienced in high school is how fleeting friendships can be.  At times it was painful for me.  It’s still the case in high school today.   Very few of us grownups are best friends with our high school friends.  When I write, even though I try to interject some humor, I like to start out with real characters in relatable situations.  For Megan, it was her struggles with her friendships, and her mother wanting to date.

 Where did the idea come from?

 I was on YouTube one evening, clicking around and entertaining myself, when I clicked on the video for Lucy, Daughter of The Devil.   That was my aha moment.  I thought Satan would be a perfect paranormal subject.  A short time later I came up with the title, Boyfriend From Hell, and then the pieces started falling into place.

2. Related to this, do you identify with these characters? Did you enjoy writing one of the characters from the novel more than the others? Which one out of the two best friends do you identify with more?

 Wow, that’s a bunch of questions rolled into one.  In order: I identify with all the characters.  The love that Matt was holding onto for so long is something I personally experienced.  My favorite character in the novel is Megan, because her concern over her world changing made her a horrible person.  My favorite thing in the book was watching her grow.  By the end of the book Megan is a very likable character.  As for which of the best friends I identified with more, I’d again have to say Matt.  I was a jock who also hung with smart kids, and I had that love thing going on.

 3. There seems to be a theme of not being able to trust different people and Megan’s relationships with everyone is constantly changing. How much will this factor into the sequel?

 Trust is always a big issue with young people.  In the sequel, Megan winds up not trusting her new boyfriend, Guy.  This lack of trust leads to catastrophic consequences.

 4. I know you don’t want to give too much away, but what can you tell us about the character of the Guardian and his role in the continuing saga?

 I think I just did.  LOL.  There are also several new characters who I think you’ll love or hate.

 5. Let’s touch on your writing process. Do you have a certain “method” to your writing (or is it all madness)? How about a mindset that you have to get into or a favorite writing place and/or time?

 There you go with another three part question.   LOL. I have no writing method.  It is all madness.  I liken my writing style to walking around in a darkened room all day constantly bumping into things.  I have no idea what’s in the room, or where I’m going.  Every once in a while the light comes on just long enough for me to straighten a few things out.  It’s a maddening process but I love it.  I don’t like writing in one place all the time.  Right now I’m in my office.  My favorite place to write is the dining room.  It’s right next to my favorite distraction—the fridge 😉

 6. There are many shocking twists in the story. Do you plan these as you write or are you ever surprised with how things turn out?

 One of the things I loved about reading when I was a kid is being shocked or surprised.  It was a great treat for me when something I read surprised me.  I want to instill that same feeling in my readers, so I always plan to have big surprises in my books even though I have no idea what they will be when I start out.  The kitchen scene with the grisgris in Boyfriend From Hell is my favorite scene in the book.  You’ve read it so you know what a big, unsuspecting surprise that scene is.  I’d been making notes on it for weeks before I got the chance to write it.  So many reviewers (you included) have talked about the big surprises in the book.  I know you guys are referring to that scene in your reviews.  That puts a big ole smile on my face.

 7. You have experience with writing in many different forms, from television scripts and stage plays to novels that both teens and adults enjoy. Does this help you in your writing today or do you need to “switch” your mindset between the types of writing?

 I like writing in all forms.  They’re different, and yet in an important, way they’re all the same.  It’s never easy, but no matter which genre I write I try to let the story be driven by character emotions—never the plot.  The plot should follow along.  I don’t need to switch my mind set when I’m writing different forms, since I am always trying to accomplish the same goal.  It’s accomplished differently in each medium: in theater its words alone, in TV its words and actions, in film it always visual first and the words support the visual, in the novel it’s all of the above including introspection.  The novel is the hardest to write, takes the most time, but it’s also the most fun and rewarding.  I hope that made sense.  LOL.  It does to me.

Thank you very much for the interview! It was great to hear your answers. And yes, I admit, I do like asking lots of  questions (and trying to disguise that fact with multiple questions rolled into one, you gave it away my secret!) LOL 😉

This is Part 1 of the Interview- be sure to stay tuned for the upcoming Part 2 to hear even more about the author’s books and where he gets his inspiration from as well as bonus writing tips for all the writers out there!

My review on Boyfriend from Hell.

To learn more about E. Van Lowe, visit the author’s blog here.

To purchase E. Van Lowe’s books on Amazon, click on the pictures below. The E-book sale for Boyfriend from Hell is from now until August 31st!

Boyfriend from Hell: When it all seems too perfect (Or fiery teenage rebellion from the not-so-good girl)

Review: Boyfriend from Hell by E. Van Lowe

This book defies the traditions of the paranormal romance realm and delves into the deep end. With shocking twists at every turn, the main character, Megan feels like she doesn’t know who is who anymore or what is going on, as her life totally changes once her mom starts dating. The man seems perfect, almost too good to be true, (in her mom’s eyes, at least) until she digs up some serious dirt on him. Not your average dirt either. But no one believes her, because it sounds too crazy. Who would believe a teenage girl saying that her mom’s new love interest is from hell?

What she doesn’t know will hurt her

So many changes are going on in Megan’s life that she responds at first in the usual teenage way. She breaks her tradition of being the good girl who is known for following the rules and starts to do what she wants. Rules be damned! Things get more serious when she is in danger and has to break some rules, this time for a reason- she has to protect her mother and cannot tell her what is really going on.

The relationships are what drive the book forward with an ever increasing momentum. Just as she doesn’t know who she truly is at times,  she now doesn’t feel she really knows everyone around her, let alone if she can trust them any longer.

As far as love interests go, as the title does say boyfriend– Megan does have a new love interest. And when her two best friends start dating, this throws a whole new dynamic to her friendships. Along with her mom’s new boyfriend situation, Megan does not know who she can really trust or love, let along if they are really there to protect her or hurt her. This definitely adds layers of tension and mystery to the already fast paced story. The complexity of the relationships alone is a great reason to check out the book to see how her relationships fare and how this affects the story, as well as her very chances of survival.

The ending pulls you so completely in that you need to know what happens next. Just enough is revealed so that it leaves you craving more to see what happens next between the characters that you come to love (or hate/fear, depending on who we are talking about). It’s all about the dynamics and this book nails them down.

Megan has to fight to protect her best friends, loved ones and her mom, who she loves more than anything. But who will fight for her? And what if the ones she fights for turn their backs on her?

For information on the author, visit here.

Now is also the perfect time to get your e-copy. The E-book sale is from now until August 31st, check it out here!

Boyfriend From Hell is the first book of the saga, which is great, as it definitely leaves you looking forward to the next one, Earth Angel!