Gaia Wars: Your world is in danger, how hard do you fight?

Heart-Pounding Pace 

Even if this book does not seem to fit your usual choice of genre, you will not be disappointed if you pick it up. Quite the opposite, in fact. From the beginning, you are hooked into this engrossing world. It starts with a suspenseful, heart pounding pace that doesn’t let up. It will have your breath quickening right along with that of the main character.

It starts out seeming like the everyday (although exciting) life of a young boy, Warren,  who loves adventure. He is playing a seemingly harmless prank on his hated neighbors. It might turn out not to be so harmless after all, as Warren quickly discovers. He is whisked away on an enthralling and risky adventure. It all starts with a skeleton he finds on a trail. Suddenly he is thrown into a new type of world where mind-boggling things happen that he has no answers for.

Everyday life is now a thing of the past. He sees things that no one would believe could be real. People seem to be interested in him or concerned for him that were not before. He isn’t sure who to trust. Even those closest to him don’t seem to be as trustworthy as they once were.

Reader is pulled into this strange, new world

When he had first found the skeleton in the woods, he had also discovered a medallion which he soon learns can do more than you would think. It is the start of a lesson in strangeness. However, everything builds up and it is presented in a natural way, through an exciting flow of events. The reader is pulled in and truly believes in this world, however crazy sounding it may be. We experience all of the shock and newness of everything with Warren.

Interesting questions are raised as well between the non stop action of this fast paced adventure. Are people evil? How do people react to certain situations? The story leads you to delve into the exploration of evil and what is required for someone to become totally evil or not.

It is funny how you may believe a certain thing about a person, only to have all of your suspicions turned completely around. Even the main character has to wrestle with the question of evil within and what this means.

How far off the edge?

The story ends leaving you wondering what will happen next and also gives you a taste of what is to come in the next book of the series, Battle for Cascadia.

Overall, this is a very gripping story that truly pulls you in and you will not be able to stop reading. The chapters are short and deadly fast paced, full of action. It doesn’t leave you hanging right on the edge of the cliff about to fall off, but it does leave you hanging on pretty close to the edge so that you can hear the next word when the action continues. Definitely recommended for your next read, as I was pulled right in and could not stop reading!

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Here one second, GONE the next: What happens when all of the adults disappear?

When the adults disappear, who will be in charge? And how hard will they fight for this power?

Review of Gone By Michael Grant

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This book is one that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a fast paced, adventure story with lively and lovable characters. From the very first page, even the first sentence, there is non-stop action and tension as the story unfolds. The story centers around the unexplainable event of all of the adults disappearing before everyone’s eyes. Students sit in their classrooms to see their teachers disappear right before their eyes-they are literally there one second and GONE the next.


Rollercoaster-can’t breathe-pace of action

I loved this book because of the non-stop action that carries the story forward at a very fast pace. The characters must deal with a huge change in their lives. Everything changes in a split second right before their eyes. Imagine how you would feel if you had to deal with such a huge change in a split second. Some of the children thought it was cool, which can be understood. Absolute freedom! Some children were scared, especially the younger ones who depended on their parents for all of their needs. I can imagine they would be scared. Have you ever gotten lost from your parents as a little child? It can be very scary, but their parents are gone for good and they don’t know why. The action continues at a breath-taking rate from here, as some children discover another strange occurrence after all of the adults disappear. Sam, the main character, and his friends suspect it may have something to do with the high level of radiation at the power plant in town, but they are not sure exactly how. There is also some type of wall or barrier that blocks their town from the outside world. The kids start to refer to their town as the FAYZ (Fallout Alley Youth Zone) and this is just the start of the many changes to come.


Sam discovers he has some type of strange ability or power. It is very powerful. He discovered it before the disappearances. He isn’t sure what it is or the full extent of his power, but he knows it can be dangerous as he may have hurt someone with it prior to the adults vanishing. He also discovers he is not the only one with a strange power.

There’s a new boss in town?

Some kids from nearby come to their side of the town and take over. They have powers as well and their leader, Caine, has very strong and dangerous powers and he uses them to gain control, but tries to be as diplomatic about it as possible. Under his leadership, the town of children quickly becomes a place controlled by Caine’s rules and fear and violence are used to keep everyone in order. It becomes a scary place to live in and the reader is drawn into this world of horror, wondering what is going to happen next. The characters are very well developed and the reader cares about them and becomes very much drawn into their journey and plight.


Able to Connect to Characters

I connect to this book in several ways. I can connect with Sam, as he feels alienated at times from his friends. He faces great danger and has to make difficult choices of right and wrong. He chooses not to take the easy way out and refuses to use his power to hurt others. Like him, I want to help other people and sometimes have to make a difficult choice in order to do the right thing. On the other hand, those who have a darker side (as we all do in some way!) will also be able to relate, as there are some darker issues and struggles. Overall, the story is very exciting and if you want to know what other decisions Sam and his friends must make in this increasingly terrifying new world, (and if they all survive) you have to read GONE to see what happens! It is part of a series, so definitely consider having the next one- Hunger ready at hand, as you will definitely want to see what happens next right away!

    war of GONE

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