The Sound of Loneliness (Or Lunacy?) A Review

Sound of Loneliness

This book was quite a read. It was thought provoking and draws interesting parallels to real life.

starvingwriterI started reading it because I was drawn to the idea of a writer giving just about everything up to become  a published author, which is my goal. (Becoming published, that is…) The way he goes about it is quite different from the normal routes one might normally use. He sets out to practically starve himself in the hopes of dedicating himself to nothing but writing. Quite a premise for a novel.


The topic that the book ended up delving into was very revealing (and somewhat questionable). The main character tried to come to terms with who he really is. And what he’s learned from his family. And if he is destined to repeat their mistakes. This makes you think about the “genes” you may have inherited from your family line. But also shows, in the end, that you don’t have to follow the pattern. You can break free out on your own.

But it takes a turn in a different direction when it focuses on the main character’s obsession with a young girl that borders on pedophilia. Not in a very good way. Not the horrors of The Lovely Bones, thankfully (I say thankfully, for the sake of the girl in the story, as The Lovely Bones is actually quite a powerful- though disturbing- read), or the twistedness of Lolita.

This actually describes our character almost to a ‘T’ : Psychology of the Pedophile


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It also plays on the theme of “the grass is greener” elsewhere, quite a bit.  His loneliness takes him to many places and he is quite foolish in the way he deals with it at times.

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The writer side of him seems to suffers from delusions of grandeur (grand, GRAND grandeur!). He tells people all about himself becoming a famous author but sadly, does not always put the work in to accomplish this. (Which may be some telling advice for would be writers out there, myself included, I would confess.) As NephGirl quotes, Dreams don’t work unless you do ~John C. Maxwell.

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But the main character goes quite overboard with his arrogance and how he views himself, which is a red flag of another color- (Read: Wizard of Oz- Now that’s a horse of a different color). horse

Arrogance is not the key concern as we discover what kind of person he really is.  He is one of those characters that is easy to hate.  He really has no major redeeming qualities and he does not change in any major or important ways.

Meaning of horse of a different color

Back to his writing- it is only until later in the novel that he meets someone who does not put up with the dramatics of his ideas about his writing.

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Overall, I would recommend this book for those who want to see another side of one particular writer who thought he could not make it with his writing nor with making any good choices, but finally got around to see otherwise.

I was disappointed with how one of the main plot points was handled, because of the conclusion. Yes, he didn’t damage himself in the choices he made (too much). But it focused on that, I felt, at the expense of discovering what really was at stake and I don’t feel he really learned anything crucial from his journey. It takes him full circle, but is he really any the better for it?

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To Daniel Crabtree, a struggling writer, it is the backcloth to his first novel, one that will see him become a famous published author. Living off mostly water and flour, Daniel has embraced penury into his life under the mistaken belief that many young artists have: one needs to suffer for success in art. But Daniel is a terrible writer. In the three years since signing on the dole, of every morning chastising his Irish singing neighbour for waking him from his sleep, and scrounging food from his close friend Henry Soperton, Daniel Crabtree has produced one short story. His heart is bereft of words as much as his pockets are of money.

The Sound of Loneliness is a story of love, and how a poor starving man chasing a dream came to the understanding that amidst the clamour of life, the sound of loneliness is the most deafening of all.

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