Are you ready for WIRED?

When reading a good book, you would think that you need to truly relate to and care for the characters. But every so often, a great book comes along that makes you cringe and not feel any sense of empathy for the characters. This is how I felt at the beginning of Wired. The characters are people we all might recognize: so full of flaws that they cannot ever be redeemed. But this does not stop you from getting wired into this book.

The two main characters are both quite unloving, even though some may prefer one over the other (depending on gender, world view and part of the novel you are at). Mary Elizabeth and Charlie, married for years and even high school sweethearts, are polar opposites: Not just in the opposites attract way either, but more like the this is the end quality that usually comes right before a divorce. They seem to be almost torn to shreds in regards to how their relationship is holding up. And it gets even worse.

At first I hated the characters. I did not think I would come to feel for them or like them, but the author did a truly amazing job of showing how the hero and heroine can be human beings with many faults that others might not like them for (and might even hate them for) in real life. But this allows an authentic portrait to be shared with the reader.

This novel explores it all: what love and loss and betrayals and the breakdown of a relationship looks like. What fear and hate and hiding things and lying can do to a person.

It shows that even when there seems to be no more hope, that the characters still find strength from somewhere to hang on to and courage to keep going and to make the right choices, even if they are the hardest choices of all.

Real life is never easy and the novel does not take the easy way out either. It shows that in order for love and truth to win out, you have to be brutally honest, even if it hurts and you cannot let go of the ones you love. Sometimes you will push away the ones you love. You will do horrible things. But the fight cannot be taken out of these characters. They win you over with their raw humanity, their weaknesses and their ultimate strengths that bring about healing and before you know it, you are somehow rooting for them. Because they are human.

Nothing is tied into a neat pretty bow, so to speak, in that everything is real and given to you straight, no punches held back. There are resolutions made that are satisfying, yet realistic and leave you with the glow that maybe something good came out of everything after all, just as you hope it does in real life.

This is a novel that showcases raw honesty and real humanity including the flaws, evil and all. But it also holds the hope of coming to terms with your life, making the right choices for yourself, and learning to be honest even when it hurts. This is a must read for all fans of suspense, intrigue, murder mysteries, action, and real relationship portrayals with some romance thrown in too. But it also has characters that you might not like at first but who come to the front of everything standing strong and beating all odds in their own way. Characters that you will not forget.


Tour Notes:

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Learn more about this author by visiting her website, Facebook or GoodReads pages or by connecting with her on Twitter. You’ll definitely want to check out Martha’s Mystery Blog–each week a new short thriller is serialized Monday through Friday. The entries are nice and short, easy to read via smart phone or tablet. It’s all at


4 comments on “Are you ready for WIRED?

  1. Martha Carr says:

    Every so often I can get lost in other things (like the business side of writing) and forget why I started writing in the first place. It’s not something I can explain but a feeling that centers and grounds me. Lately, I’d wondered for the first time if the connection had receded for good – until I read your post and was reminded of how much I poured into that story in the first place. I took a risk trying to balance a thriller with a painful back story and inadvertently helped myself and then all of the readers I heard from to let go of so much old pain. Thank you – I will be rereading your words from time to time in order to find my way back to a place of balance.

  2. Graeme Smith says:

    Lady Jen (and Lady Martha 🙂 )

    This was an interesting post to read.. Not just because the book sounds well written and a desireable read, but also because I was pondering something similar.

    I won’t go into detail, because I’m not here to advir… odver…. abwehr…. er, tell people about my stuff (especially stuff still being written :-P), but I was pondering whether a book with a main with absolutely no sympathetic or positive qualities could be workable. Almost one where the reader ‘connection’ to that main was quite simply that they detested him.

    After running up some rough cut beginning work, I took it to two people whose views I respect. They both told me I’d failed on one count – the main had a sense of humour, so I’d blown the ‘no redeeming features’ bit (blushes). But one told me she disliked the character so much that, if she got to the end and he had no acceptable reason for being as he was, she’d never read anything of mine ever again. The other told me she loved it, and wanted more of Jack. Richt now (blushes again).

    It sounds like Lady Martha has taken a different path here (and no doubt trodden it far better than I 🙂 ). It sounds like she take the reader on a journey with those less than likeable characters. She shows that, even though their natures may not be golden, they are not denied personal (in a non religious sense) salvation. And to readers (who know they’re not golden either) that says life can be a bitch, the reader can be a bitch (of either gender) – and still have hope.

    Phew. So there may still be hope for me yet :-P.

  3. Bailey says:

    Hello Jennifer!

    I recently started following this blog (yesterday morning, I think) and it just so happens that I have decided to award you the One Lovely Blog Award! Congrats! I love the concept and design of your blog, as well as the content! It really is lovely. 🙂 Come claim your award Over Yonder…

  4. On this blog hop I’ve been finding tons of really good books to buy! This book sounds awesome.

    Stopping by from the Halloween Hop:

    My favorite Halloween movie is probably Rocky Horror Picture Show, but my favorite Scary movie is Nightmare On

    Come check out all kinds of Writing, Movie and other Miscellany over on WRITE READ WATCH. I’m also looking for authors and nanowrimo failures and winners to write guest blogs for November! Any takers! Lolsz. Enjoy.

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