Frankenstein in Pink? Or: Stephen King on the Kindle


Frankenstein in Pink

Mini Review of Stephen King’s UR

Definitely a fast paced read that holds your interest throughout. Good for fans of King, especially of the Dark Tower series. It is peppered with references to other books as well, so it is a pleasurable read. A blend of historical/political references are also dispersed that add interest and open new possibilities that tie in to past and current events.

 UR is based on discovering new technology and it makes for a good read with modern references. It is slightly reminiscent of Cell, in this fashion, with a similar message of the dark side or possible dangers of technology, albeit without all the dead bodies (not as many, at least). The new technology type monster-not Frankenstein, but a cold metallic machine.

 All in all, I would say it is worth it for the King fan, definitely something to add to your Kindle…ur…if you so desire. Just make sure you don’t see any pink before you start reading (as the main character did).

 I would not rush to read it, save the midnight oil for another book, as it was not totally what I was expecting.  If you are looking for a fast paced thriller that you cannot let go of, check out his new Mile 81, read the review here.

UR, although an engrossing, quick read with a good pace,  seems to lack something essential of King, at least for me, by the time you reach the end.  Great references to the Dark tower and definitely has some feel good parts as well as some parts that may leave you on edge.

Cell may be more up your alley if you are looking for a great thrilling horror story by King, fully equipped with technological metallic parts that cause tingles down your spine. Definitely for all those who use cell phones as well as those who don’t (along with some of the undead thrown in) but definitely is an enjoyable read for all! And as I said before, Mile 81, (read my review here) needs to be on everyone’s top shelf for their next read. (Read:pronto)

Look for more reviews to come on King. Sign up for email updates in the top right or follow to get the latest! And would love to hear what you think of this if/once you have read it. What do you think of reading e-books in general? Is new technology scary and can it be seen as a Frankenstein type creation? Please comment below!


4 comments on “Frankenstein in Pink? Or: Stephen King on the Kindle

  1. timetohateme says:

    OMG! Thank you sooo much!

  2. Your welcome! Hope it helps. Always glad to talk books, lol. Let me know what other reviews you would want to see. And what other King books you enjoy!

  3. RandomizeME says:

    You know the funny thing? Amazon did give King a pink Kindle in real life – he’s the only one in the world with the pink one 🙂

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