My Life in Books 2011

 Last year Elyse at PCN (Pop Culture Nerd) hosted a great meme, sort of a Mad Libs with book titles. I had such a great time with last year’s post, so when I saw her post, I decided it was perfect timing! You simply fill in the blanks with book titles.

Thank you to The Picky Girl’s blog where I heard about this!

One time at band/summer camp, all I can say is it involved The Angel Experiment (James Patterson) and a Kiss (Ted Dekker & Erin Healy)

Weekends at my house are over in the Blink of an Eye (Dekker)

My neighbor is Teaching in the Land of Kimchi (Melissa Christine Karpinski)

As am I! And yes, I do like kimchi!

My boss is full of… Wisdom (Amanda Hocking)

This is not sarcasm. Really. Okay, this may have been true of one of my bosses, but I love my boss now!

My ex was the Boyfriend from Hell (E. Van Lowe)

This is actually true. This one is not a joke or sarcastic comment. Now if only I can find my Earth Angel (E. Van Lowe’s sequel to above title)

My superhero secret identity is made of Wizard and Glass (Stephen King)

And is the best getup ever. Very sturdy and still haven’t figured out all the tricks it can do yet.

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry because Bloody Little Secrets… (Karly Kirkpatrick)

…will be all that’s left of you…mwaHaha!

I’d win a gold medal in Keeping the Moon (Sarah Dessen)

Or should I say the sun too? Sleep is for the weak.

I’d pay good money for The Truth about Forever (Dessen again)

Wouldn’t we all? I do know the truth, actually. Just ask me. It has to do with Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott.

If I were president, I would Never Let You Go (Erin Healey)

(referring to holding the office…and my dear citizens of course) 28 year term? Monarchy? What?

When I don’t have good books, I ask where the Needful Things are (King)

I need them to live.

Loud talkers at the movies should be Hush, Hush (ed) (Becca Fitzpatrick)

(and this will be done with a Showdown (Dekker) on The Road (Cormac McCarthy) and then you will be Gone (Michael Grant) Sorry if that scares you, I love you, dear reader, too much Stephen King on the brain? No, I take full credit.  *sweet smile*)

Would love to hear your version of the tale! Post your answers in the comments- or please comment with your link if you post on your blog!

For more fun, check out my 2012 post here!


9 comments on “My Life in Books 2011

  1. Thank YOU! So glad you joined in. I really love this one. It’s such fun to see how you can use your book titles. I always loved Mad Libs as a kid.

    • Thank you as well! I am enjoying your blog, very awesome! I am also teaching English, by the way. Currently teaching English in South Korea for a year. Good to meet you and looking forward to more of your posts! Check out my new Weekend Writer’s Castle series when you can 🙂

  2. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I’ll have to think about the “story” thing: up to my nose with The Rule of Three.

    Hope you’ll join in.

  3.’s working now. Would not at all yesterday. So…following you on Twitter too. Mine is @stustoryteller. Thanks

    • Thank you! Check out my new Weekend Writer’s Castle post- first in a series I will be writing if you have not already heard about it. Would love to hear your opinion/suggestions! Have a great one 🙂

  4. Bev says:

    What fun answers! Love scrolling through to see what everyone comes up with.

    Here are mine:

  5. These are fun! The one for your neighbor (and you) is terrific. I love kimchi, too. The one for your ex is perfect. Thanks for playing!

    • Thank you, glad you liked them! I am glad that I found your site and I am enjoying reading your blog 🙂 Your answers were very creative as well and I liked them a lot, they inspired me to add some commentary of my own as well, so thank you 😉

  6. […] It’s that time of the year again, when I share a little bit about my life using sentences from titles of books I read in the last year. Thanks to Pop Culture Nerd for the inspiration to write this post and a big thanks to The Picky Girl’s blog as well (who I first heard about this from! )  Check out the inspiration for the post here and also take a gander at My Life in Books from 2011! […]

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